Symphony No 10, op. 40

1picc., 2Fl., 2Ob. (Ob.2=Cor anglais in F), 1Cl. in B, 1Cl in E (=Cl.2 in B♭), 1B.Cl., 2Bsn., 1Cbsn., 4Hns, 3Tpts., 3Trbs., 1Tu., Timp., Perc. (4 players), Stgs.

playing time : 28'

The Tenth Symphony is in one movement and has the form of a rondo (ABACA). The A sections are sufficiently similar to each other for the structure to be recognisable, though each return goes off in a different direction, consistent with my ideal of continuous development - a true rondo wouldn't, of course, fulfil that ideal. These A sections have the character of a loud-mouthed rant - imagine a man standing on a hill, shaking his fist and hurling invective - while the B and C sections, perhaps by way of a reaction to the violence, are quiet and withdrawn, although both rise to towering climaxes.