Incubus, op.28

(2fl., 2ob., 2cl., 2fg., 4hn., 3tpt., 3tbn., tba, timps., strings)

The Incubus Leaving Two Sleeping Women (1793) by Johann Heinrich Füssli

playing time : 7'

"Elcock has a strong musical personality, and his works show great originality. Plus, they have an internal logic that guides the listener through the music."

Ralph Graves (September, 2020); read full review here 

This is an arrangement of the final section of my third string quartet "Night after Night". It begins with an introductory passage of around two and a half minutes, not present in the original quartet version.

Incubus was recorded on July 8 - 12 2019 by the Siberian Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dmitry Vasiliev and released as TOCC0445 on the Toccata Classics label.