Incubus, op.28

(2fl., 2ob., 2cl., 2fg., 4hn., 3tpt., 3tbn., tba, timps., strings)

The Incubus Leaving Two Sleeping Women (1793) by Johann Heinrich Füssli

playing time : 7'

"Elcock has a strong musical personality, and his works show great originality. Plus, they have an internal logic that guides the listener through the music."

Ralph Graves (September, 2020); read full review here 

This is an arrangement of the final section of my third string quartet "Night after Night". It begins with an introductory passage of around two and a half minutes, not present in the original quartet version.

Incubus was recorded on July 8 - 12 2019 by the Siberian Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dmitry Vasiliev and released as TOCC0445 on the Toccata Classics label. Its first public performance was given by the same artists on March 11, 2023.