The shed dances - clarinet & string trio

Steve Elcock



(clarinet, violin, viola & cello)

These dances were written at the suggestion of Ruth Chalkley who was looking for something "that would stimulate dancers to work under the direction of a choreographer who has been coached by a neuro-phyiotherapist, so that the dance is based on neuro-rehabilitative principles. It's a project about the life of Frenkel, who developed the exercises for ataxia".


Three of the dances contain self-explanatory dance names in their title. Of the others, Leaden Clog Dances struggles to break away from the grip of a seemingly random, but in reality highly organized, rhythmic frame; Boneyard Antics features an unruly skeleton who initially can neither dance in time nor play in the right key; and Rampant Scavenger is a wild presto based on material that in substance I wrote when aged seventeen.

1. Disgruntled waltz

2. Petrified minuet

3. Leaden clog dance

4. Boneyard antics

5. Marion's pavane

6. Rampant scavenger

© Copyright Steve Elcock 2016